We offer a full disease management program using several steps to treat and prevent future diseases. Diseases can range from insect infestations to fungal or bacterial infections. While we can treat the infection, keep in mind that healthy plants seldom ever get sick. Some of the common problems are malnutrition, poor soil conditions or being planted next to certain types of plants (ie. a cedar tree next to an apple tree can cause cedar rust) or infected ones (not even necessarily the same type of plant). We can help diagnose these problems, treat them and help you keep it from reoccuring. Call us today for more information.


Some common diseases found around here are:

Lawn Rust Lawn Rust (courtesy of Scott's)
Brown Patch Brown Patch (courtesy of Scott's)
Leaf Miner

Boxwood Leaf Miner (courtesy of Oregon State University)



   There are many more diseases that you may be overlooking, so call us today to prevent it from destroying your landscape.

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