One thing often overlooked when someone thinks of taking care of their lawn is fertilizing it. While it may seem like a minute detail, it is actually one of the single most important things you can do for your lawn. Grass requires nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to grow well during the hot summer months. Applying it in the early spring gives it time to prepare. Little known fact is that grass's roots grow the most during winter and needs to be fertilized the most then to ensure a good root development. During the winter months the roots grow down, during the summer the grass grows up, so grass is always growing and needs to be taken care of. We fertilize with various NPK levels depending on the time of year and circumstances (such as nearby bodies of water, etc) NPK stands for N - Nitrogen, P - Phosphorous, and K- Potassium. Nitrogen helps the grass green up, phosphorus helps the roots grow deep and strong and potassium which helps grass and plants in the processing of nutrients. We can also apply this in the early spring with pre-emergent herbicides which will cut down or eliminate most weeds through late spring and early summer. Most places want a 3 step fertilization with one application in early spring, one in mid summer and one final one in late fall. If applied properly your lawn will be nearly weed free and greener than everyone else's in the hot summer months.



    We also offer specialty treatments such as SuperThrive treatments, fish oil treatments and more! Guaranteed to turn around your sick plants, if there is any hope at all. Ask us for details!

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