Boxwood Experts


Our specialty is properly maintaining your prized boxwood. Offering our specialty service to well over a hundred customers alongside your existing landscaper. We have nearly 30 yrs combined experience in the proper care, growing up in the business. While many landscapers do a good job on pruning in general, boxwood require a little more work to be healthy. Here at Green Thumb, we not only shape your boxwood, we also selectively prune them by hand to open them up, inspect them for disease and check the nutrition and pH levels. If you have strictly been shearing your boxwood, go outside and open them up. You will see that there is a tight very thin layer of foliage on the outside with little to no growth on the inside and quite possible signs of fungus, scale, spider mites and others due to lack of light and air. We will also identify any diseases such as curly leaf, cankers, scale, aphids, leaf miner, spider mites, root rot, poor nutrition, and some other possibilities and give your shrubs the proper treatment to survive and thrive.


 Some things you may want to consider when selecting someone to take care of your shrubs (which of course we do):


  •     Disinfect our equipment after each job with bleach to prevent the spread of blight.
  •     Properly prune and treat your boxwood for the best results using a combination of hand pruning and shearing.
  •     Use hybrid fertilization programs offering organic and inorganic as well as adding a hormone booster (SuperThrive among others) to help them recover from stress.

    Diagnosing the pH levels

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